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Our Trust

Our Trust is an independent financial entity from Assist funeral plans and is managed by a board of trustees. The trustees must have no connection with Assist funeral plans or any company utilising the trust.

The purpose of the trust is to retain payments made by our plan holders and to pay the agreed invoice value to the funeral directors at the time of the funeral.

This arrangement is to ensure that in the event of any possible issues which may arise Assist funeral plan holders are not affected in any way and future funeral payments shall be made.

Our trustees have a primary responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient funds to pay the funeral directors whenever a funeral takes place regardless of the plan type.

Funeral plan payments whether they are pay monthly instalments or full payments, are paid directly into the trust, these funds are then placed in safe investments such as government bonds and secure corporate bonds and not the stock market. As described above the trust is completely separate from Assist funeral plans and the funeral directors are not paid until after the funeral has taken place.